Freelensing November

Some freelensed images of our afternoon in the city, it went from light jacket weather to freezing cold in just a few hours. We kept warm at the Kringle market at the Daley center with hot cocoa and bratwurst, a fun family tradition. A typical Chicago November, it was crowded but I always love the mood visiting the market brings as we head into the holiday. Head over to Joni Burtt’s freelensing November post!

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Each month a group of photographers and I choose a master of photography to study, this month we chose Mr. William Eggleston. His history and bio is here, and in a nutshell he’s been referred to as the ‘king of the neutral gaze’. I will admit his work is astonishing and there is no other work out there like it. He was intriguing to learn from and I look forward to diving more deeply into his work and his life. He is also well known for dye transfer printing which is equally fascinating, check out both links! Here are my images somewhat inspired by Eggleston. This month was definitely a challenge! Check out how Melissa Lazuka did with this study……


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“I wish more people felt that photography was an adventure the same as life itself

and felt that their individual feelings were worth expressing.

To me, that makes photography more exciting.”

-Harry Callahan

Diving into this new monthly project called ‘From the Masters’ with some of my favorite storytellers. There’s no better place to seek inspiration than from the artists that paved the way in modern photography. Harry couldn’t have said it better….and I so agree with this and more; looking at photography as a landscape of risk taking, exploration, curiosity, all the things that make up normal,  life adventures. Creating something that encourages you to play and experiment, whether you show it to the world or keep it to yourself, it doesn’t matter, sometimes the beauty is in the process even if what you make is shit.

I’m headed over to see what the other ladies have taken from Harry this month,  I hope you’ll join me starting with Kari Wattenbarger!

….and then go check out Harry’s incredible abstract minimalism. I created a pin board here,

 “Callahan often transformed his everyday subjects—nature, architecture, city streets, his wife Eleanor and daughter Barbara into (barely recognizable) simple forms; a visual essence that still evokes their worldly counterparts. Callahan’s goal, however, was to describe, not to conceal or distort. For each new subject, he refreshed his photographic vocabulary and used his 8×10 view camera and strong sense of design and composition to create meticulously crafted and elegant images” -unknown

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  • Andrea

    Ethereal and surreal. Your creativity here is astounding. A great new project.ReplyCancel

Freelensing September

Relishing a few more days at the lake. Warm days and cool nights, after school naps and drinking up every last bit of light.

Next in our freelensing project monthly circle is Joni Burtt <3

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Seasons | August

I will miss you summer! August is so bittersweet. Trying to cram in the last beach day, the last consecutive days of sleeping in, late nights and a loose schedule, we have 10 days left until school starts and we are no where near ready. Well, maybe we are getting close. The kids are starting to climb the walls, we’ve exhausted all activities and things to do and wanting to spend more time indoors. I might be more ready for them to go back than I thought….the house is a constant state of mess, blanket fortresses, laundry overload, wet towels, dirty floors and toys EVERYWHERE. So yes I’ve sort of let it go, the need to keep it constantly picked up, because soon enough they will all be back to the grind including myself, I might even wear a superhero costume of my own. This month we will be ending the ‘Seasons’ circle and starting a new and creative project that I can’t wait for.

Continue on to one of my very favorite storytellers, Beth Urban Photography and see how her August went…..

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