From the Masters. A monthly project. HARRY CALLAHAN

“I wish more people felt that photography was an adventure the same as life itself

and felt that their individual feelings were worth expressing.

To me, that makes photography more exciting.”

-Harry Callahan

Diving into this new monthly project called ‘From the Masters’ with some of my favorite storytellers. There’s no better place to seek inspiration than from the artists that paved the way in modern photography. Harry couldn’t have said it better….and I so agree with this and more; looking at photography as a landscape of risk taking, exploration, curiosity, all the things that make up normal,  life adventures. Creating something that encourages you to play and experiment, whether you show it to the world or keep it to yourself, it doesn’t matter, sometimes the beauty is in the process even if what you make is shit.

I’m headed over to see what the other ladies have taken from Harry this month,  I hope you’ll join me starting with Kari Wattenbarger!

….and then go check out Harry’s incredible abstract minimalism. I created a pin board here,

 “Callahan often transformed his everyday subjects—nature, architecture, city streets, his wife Eleanor and daughter Barbara into (barely recognizable) simple forms; a visual essence that still evokes their worldly counterparts. Callahan’s goal, however, was to describe, not to conceal or distort. For each new subject, he refreshed his photographic vocabulary and used his 8×10 view camera and strong sense of design and composition to create meticulously crafted and elegant images” -unknown

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  • Andrea

    Ethereal and surreal. Your creativity here is astounding. A great new project.ReplyCancel

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